Luxury Bullet Skull



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Weight: 112,0 gr
Dimensions: 9,6 x 6,5 cm
100% Zamak buckle
Inserts in real Mother of Pearl

Luxurious high quality buckle belonging to the new 'luxury buckles' collection available in the men's and women's versions;
produced exclusively for the Bymora brand, made by the hands of skilled craftsmen through meticulous workmanship and the application of traditional but innovative processes that raise the quality standard at every stage of processing; the use of precious and eco-sustainable materials such as mother-of-pearl, fished directly in the Philippine Sea and carved by hand in order to create a unique design carefully modeled and carved to give the surface movement and three-dimensionality.

Guaranteed special treatment of the skilled hand of our craftsmen who define the final color of each piece, in an unrepeatable overlap of nuances. A piece that expresses with soft colors and refined shapes that same charisma and enthusiasm that characterizes the entire Luxury collection.

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