Knowledge, creativity and commitment are qualities that are carefully cultivated and cherished; they are an active part of the teachings left to us by our father Gianfranco Mora Senior, from whom we learned this work.

Creativity and attention to detail are inescapable values on which BY MORA is founded, values that are cultivated and cherished with great care, because we believe that only with this modus operandi can we offer an attentive audience products that live up to expectations.

Always respecting the truest Made in Italy.

driven by a great passion.
the family

Some companies possess something exclusive, are original, creative, have aesthetic sensibility and a strong sense of tradition. The capabilities of these companies are not limited to creative thinking, but have deeper roots because they know how to, and demonstrate every day, work with their hands and hearts because they are driven by a great passion. BY MORA is one such company, designing, customizing and creating buckles and fashion accessories sold worldwide.

Today the company is run with passion and enthusiasm by brothers Gianfranco Junior and Battista Mora; the former is the creative soul of the company, all BY MORA creations spring from his pencil, while Battista is precision in person, he is rationality and concreteness.

a highly artisanal production

BY MORA loves to create beauty, not ordinary objects, a beauty that is to be found in its vocation for craftsmanship and its constant ability to combine creative idea and design ability.

Handcrafted production away from industrial logic to add more aesthetic value, maximum comfort and long life to creations, even for the most hidden details.

sustainability and the environment while respecting nature

BY MORA is committed every day to ensuring the sustainability and inclusiveness of production by adhering to the ESG project; it is a new way of doing business, where everything is designed and produced to be regenerated, with waste reduced to a minimum.