By Mora Accessories International Srl offers its customers the opportunity to purchase only products already available in stock. The customer is not expected to order items that are not already available. Therefore, the order that contains an item that has become unavailable in the meantime, even for mere error, is to be considered void.

The purchased item must be paid at the same time as the purchase transaction is closed, by credit card or by bank transfer or Paypal.

By purchasing on this Site, the Customer’s financial information (such as credit card number, expiration date, personal data) will be sent directly to the Bank in charge of the payment transaction via encrypted protocol. By Mora Accessories International Srl, nor other subjects, will ever have access to it.

Business Orders:

If you are a registered Business customer you can purchase By Mora Accessories International Srl items at an advantageous price. The minimum order is 10 pieces and payment will only be made by bank transfer after one of our agents has viewed your order and contacted you to establish the best conditions for both.